2018-05-23 | 12:41:42


Some realtors and home buyers just don't get it!  With all the new rules and various mortgage types, everyone should get a pre-approval before even looking at homes.  Existing home owners think that because they already own a home, they...

2018-05-04 | 11:21:44

New Rules & Pre-Approvals

We have had a few months now to digest the new mortgage rules and see the impact these rules have had in the market place.  It is very evident that the intention to slow down the real estate market has worked as sales in most of the larger...

2018-04-12 | 09:25:41


One of the major banks is advising that as many as 47% of mortgages will mature during 2018.  The normal number of maturities is 25 to 30%.  Many home owners will find themselves having  to renew with their current lender regardless of...

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